Calla lilies care, how to keep them radiant?

If you want to learn about the cove carewe give you some of the best tips to keep them beautiful and radiant.

The coves are native to the African continent, although they grow in humid areas such as near lakes or rivers. However, if you live in a hot climate, you should keep in mind that the cove will require both light and shade, so it is important that you locate it in a partial area.

How is the irrigation

Callas require a lot of moisture, so they will grow best in soil that is rich in nutrients and is fairly very moist. That is why if you have these plants in dry soil, it is important that you add organic matter, either compost or manure.

What are the fertilizers for callas

The cove needs a very fertile soil, therefore you need to apply liquid fertilizer to the land approximately every 15 days. However, you should not overdo it with fertilizers as the plant may suffer damage that is not repairable.

When do calla lilies start to bloom?

Calla lily species are divided into two types of flowering, the early one that blooms between February and May while the late species blooms between March and October. It is important that you remember that generally the cove does not need pruning.

How long does the calla flower last

Its flower can remain fresh for up to three weeks in the vase, however for them to last over time it is important that you do not handle them excessively.

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