Calathea, care and secrets of this curious plant

The calathea needs some care To stay healthy and strong, here’s what you need to know about this plant native to Brazil.

Although there are about 25 species of Calathea, they all need the same care. They are characterized by their green leaves and in them have drawings similar to the skin of a zebra, here we tell you what you should know so that it always looks beautiful.

Calathea plant care

The calathea can reach 80cm and is widely used for interior decoration. That is why if you are thinking of buying one of these plants, we will tell you how you have to take care of it, follow these tips to the letter.

How calathea is watered

The calathea must be kept moist, but without excess water that produces puddles that end up affecting the plant. Ideally, it should be watered every 2 or 3 days because it needs a lot of moisture.

When to prune Calathea, care and tips

This plant does not need to be pruned, what is really important is that every year you should transplant it to a larger pot because it needs space. If you want it to grow healthy and strong, all you have to do is remove the leaves that wither or turn yellow.

How much sun does the pregaria need

It is important that the calathea, or also known as pregaria, does not receive too much light. In addition, you must take care that it is not subjected to very cold temperatures or very strong air currents because it could end up being seriously affected.

How to clean Calathea leaves

It is best to use a damp cloth to remove the dust that its leaves may accumulate. Remember that you should never use polishes, which in the end end up damaging their leaves.

How to take care of the calathea with fertilizer?

Calathea is a plant that needs fertilizer throughout the year, so you can choose to buy liquid fertilizers that are sold in nurseries or places dedicated to plants. However, if you prefer something more natural you can use egg or banana shells.

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