By photo they say that Jessi Uribe’s ex is better than Paola Jara

The story between Jessi Uribe, Sandra Barrios and Paola Jara seems to have no end, as their followers continue to comment on this love triangle.

Although Jessi Uribe and Paola Jara usually attract the attention of their millions of followers, not only because of their talent but also because of their relationship. This time it was Sandra Barrios who stole the looks.

It turns out that the ex-wife of the popular music singer posted a photo on her Instagram account where she appeared in the company of one of her daughters. In the image, Sandra was wearing a swimsuit that revealed her figure, so much so that several people came to compare her beauty with that of Paola Jara.

Many of her followers claimed that Sandra looked much better than the singer. And that is why they took advantage of it to leave comments like these:

Such a body… Unquestionably beautiful… Nothing to envy anyone.

instagram comment

Oh man, this is one of those that surpasses the ex by getting prettier.

instagram comment

May she continue as beautiful and with her beautiful children. Better than Paola Jara, left over.

instagram comment

It is very beautiful, better than many out there.

instagram comment

What a beautiful woman, what a great body, congratulations and with four children.

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How about the photo with which Jessi Uribe’s ex surprised his followers?

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