By photo of Marbelle in shorts they say «I don’t know Rick, it seems fake»

Have you seen the photo of Marbella in shorts? On his Instagram account, a debate was opened between those who throw flowers at him for his great attribute and those who claim that it is false.

Although the singer has lost weight dramatically in recent years and now shows a much more stylized and healthy figure, many viewers and followers are still very attentive to her weight and do not miss an opportunity to remind her of the surgeries she has undergone.

The photo of Marbelle in shorts that generated all kinds of comments

The networks do not forgive and this time they were angry with the interpreter of Cloudy days for an image that he shared on his official Instagram account and in which he appears posing on the side with tiny shorts that barely cover his buttocks partially.

Her legs look very toned, but what caught the attention of netizens was the size of her buttocks, which, for some, looked quite unnatural and that is why they took it out on her face. alleged buttock augmentation surgery that would have been donewhich is no more than a rumour.

«My tail has been a point of contention for many people, even the surgeons when they have operated on me for ‘lipo’, they ask me who put the tail on me, but logically they realize that it is natural.»

He told a major local media outlet in an interview.

And it is that Marbelle has repeatedly denied having undergone any surgery on her buttocksHowever, more than one of his followers assured in the comments that this seemed false. Below we show the image that caused the controversy…

Many of the comments praised the figure of Valle del Cauca, but others questioned the authenticity of her buttocks; Here we share some of the latest…

What do you think of this photo of Marbelle in shorts? Was this part of the body operated on or is it just nature? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks! Your friends, friends and family will also like to give their point of view on it.