By photo of Laura Tobón 4 months after giving birth, they tell her that she was the same

Have you seen the Laura Tobon’s photo four months after giving birth? Her followers were impressed with her body.

At the end of January 2022, the son of Laura Tobón and her husband Álvaro Rodríguez, with whom she has been married since 2017, was born. The baby, whose face they have not yet shown in public, is called Lucca and is already four months old.

To celebrate them, the happy new mother shared a series of photos on her social networks in which she appears carrying the little creature in her arms and next to the father. But what stole the show was the stylized figure of the model, who wore a tiny pink bikini.

This is the photo of Laura Tobón that everyone is talking about

It is not the first time that this Bogotana shows how her figure was after childbirth; Just 20 days after giving birth, she began to show the process during which her abdomen became smaller until it became flat, as seen in the images that we share with you in this note.

«Q Bella appears a doll and that is desien cute parity»

«You stayed the same»

“You are perfect😍 you look very pretty Lau. Waoooooo the bodywer is back”

“I am more beautiful than before”

“The body has a beautiful memory. You are perfect Lau”

They were some of the comments left by his followers in the post we refer to, which he shared on his official Instagram account.

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