Brazilwood: care of the tree of happiness

Also known as drácena, palo de agua or trunk of happiness, the brazilwood needs this care to stay healthy and strong.

Brazilwood is characterized by its striking green leaves and a thick trunk. It is a tropical plant that is widely used to decorate the interior of homes, but it also looks beautiful outside. So if you dare to buy a brazilwood, this is what you should know about its care.

Brazilwood plant care

Discover the care of this beautiful plant so that it always stays green, strong and healthy. Pay attention! Because here we give you some tips and secrets about Brazilwood.

How brazilwood is watered

This plant does not need a lot of water, it should only be watered twice a week. Ideally, the soil should remain moist but not waterlogged so that the roots do not rot and the plant dies. In case you notice that the leaves begin to turn yellow, this means that it lacks water. However, if the leaves have an exaggerated shine, it is because it has excess water.

How much sun does the trunk of happiness need?

Brazilwood requires a constant source of light, as it is a tropical plant. However, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight because its leaves can burn and be damaged. It is best to place it near a window and not in a dark place or else its leaves will begin to turn brown.

Brazilwood dry ends care

It is very common that the tips of the leaves of the brazilwood in some cases begin to wilt. This can be for various reasons, low humidity, excess heat or lack of water. In addition, you must bear in mind that this plant stores dust in its leaves, so you must be cleaning it constantly without breaking or breaking its leaves.

How long does it take to grow the trunk of Brazil

If you keep your Brazilwood in a pot its growth is limited, while when planted directly in the garden it can reach several meters in height.

How to transplant a brazilwood plant

This is a fundamental aspect to take care of this beautiful plant. Ideally, you should transplant it every two to three years. You must do it to an increasingly larger pot, you must also add stones and gravel for good drainage and that over the years it looks more and more beautiful.

What meaning does the brazilwood have?

This is considered a national tree of Brazil since 1978, it is characterized by its reddish and very strong wood that is used for the creation of different musical instruments and furniture.

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