Boy bought $2,500 worth of SpongeBob lollipops without permission

A kid bought $2,500 worth of SpongeBob lollipops. without her mother’s permission and now her curious story has gone viral.

The little ones at home sometimes make pilatunas that leave us speechless. There are pranks that, although they deserve a firm position on the part of the parents, basically generate surprise due to the intelligence of the children to fulfill their whims.

That is the case of a 4-year-old boy named Noah, originally from Brooklyn, New York, who suffers from autism and decided to indulge his taste for popsicles with the figure of this children’s character.

Boy bought $2,500 worth of SpongeBob lollipops without his mom’s permission

The minor had the whim to buy through Amazon charged to his mother’s open account and with delivery of the order to his aunt’s house, the sum of 2,500 dollars divided into 51 boxes that contained a total of 918 SpongeBob lollipops. This story was released by a friend of the child’s mother, through the GoFoundMe platform, intended to raise money for various causes.

Jennifer, Noah’s mother, who studies at the New York University School of Social Work, had to pay this bill and, as is hardly normal, she did not have the resources to pay off the debt, so her friend shared this sweet anecdote to collect the money with the help of a virtual collection.

To their surprise, in a single day the cause raised $6,500, a sum with which the entire charge to Amazon was canceled and by the way, Jennifer had a few extra pesos left to be able to pay for the treatments associated with her son’s autism.

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