Boy bathes puppies to raise money and be able to study veterinary

How cute! Boy bathes puppies to raise money and be able to study veterinary.

The dream of many of us in childhood was to become great veterinary doctors. Our love for these beings drove us to want to be great heroes who healed and help the most defenseless; however, life put us on different paths and this one remained a simple childhood dream.

Although today there are thousands of children with the same desires, there are some who are already determined to achieve that life purpose. This was the case for a little boy in Mexico, who with the support of his family decided to start a business that will lead him to fulfill this dream.

Boy bathes puppies to raise money and be able to study veterinary

Is about Jonathan Oziel, a 7-year-old resident of Monterreywho at such a young age is already completely clear about what he wants to be in life: «A veterinary doctor.»

For this reason he decided to start a business that offers an excellent service for bathing puppieswith which he plans to start raise money to later pay for his studies in veterinary medicine.

Estreya G. Salasthe mother of this tender entrepreneur and who has been his great support, recently published a tender notice that Jonathan himself made with his own handwriting.

There the mother wrote:

“My son asked me to put his business on Facebook, he is starting his business of bathing puppies. Obviously, as an entire entrepreneurial family, we will not take away the intention (…)”

Likewise, the woman pointed out that the little boy is very excited, because although he started just a few days ago, he is already doing great.

“We are instilling in him to save and it seems very good to me that he chooses to save for his profession (as he says) #DoctorVeterinarian“

Due to the extraordinary success of the publication and the support that Jonathan is receiving from millions of Internet users not only in Mexico, but also in several Latin American countries, some suggested that he create an official page for his business. Some designers even sent him graphic pieces with which he could better boost his work.

Finally, the mother of the minor assured that this service will be offered through scheduled appointments, since they do not want the school activities of the tender entrepreneur to be affected.

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