Bosé presents Free already of loves (Video)

Libre ya de amores is the second single taken from her new studio album ‘AMO’, which is already a Gold Record in Spain and Mexico and premiered on her YouTube channel. To make the video, the artist once again enlisted the director and screenwriter Beatriz Abad, who already directed the video clip for the previous single ‘Encanto’.

«Free from love»speaks of the period between one love and another, of being free from fears such as going home because a problem is going to fall on you or being asked whose perfume it is. She is happy and positive. It is a song that talks about the healing of the sorrows of the soul. It starts very powerful like all the songs on this album. It is an awareness of how well we are living free from fear, free from loves that make us suffer foolishly, but ready for other loves, those that are constructive.

This time Miguel Bosé wanted something different, ‘free from love’ It is a song to loving detachment, to freedom of spirit and conscience, an adult vision that brings together loving experiences bequeathed from a past full of experiences. In the video you can see Miguel Bose fall into the void of this conceptual, abstract and colorful world, detached and unconcerned.

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‘Libre ya de amores’ has been composed by Miguel Bose and produced by Andrew Frampton (Kylie Minogue, The Script, Natasha Bedingfield)and is included on the artist’s latest album ‘LOVE’, which was released last November.

This is the new album by Miguel Bose, get to know it here

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