Books that inspired series (and some that became a book again)

Some of the most successful television productions are based on literary works, did you know that? These are the best books that inspired series…

If you are one of the girls who loves to read and is always with a book under her arm, you will love this list; and if you are one of those who prefers TV, you will be very surprised.

And it is that many of the series that have a global impact on audiences from different countries and languages, are based on or inspired by novels and sagaspure and physical literature.

Books that inspired very successful TV series and streaming VOD

Be careful, watch this note until the end, because we have a SURPRISE for you: a couple of books that became literary works again after having been seriesand surely you saw them!

Game of Thrones

Book: Saga of novels Song of ice and fireby George R. R. Martin

A fantastic story that tells of the successive wars between kingdoms to control Westeros, but deep down it is an investigation into politics, power and its violence.


Books: Sagas gossip-girlby Cecily von Ziegesar

It recounts the adventures of a group of spoiled and capricious teenagers living on New York’s Upper East Side; despite having it all, they suffer from the same problems as any boy their age.


Books: The Vampire Mysteries of the Southby Charlaine Harris

In this story, the vampires «come out of the closet» and want to integrate into society, which causes rejection and discrimination due to prejudice, all around a romance between one of them and a young human. Basically, it talks about racism.


Book: Break No Bonesby Kathy Reichs

Dr. Temperance Brennan (forensic anthropologist) and Seeley Booth (FBI special agent) investigate murders by «reading» a handful of the victims’ bones.

Call the Midwife

Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, published in several books

Being a birthing nurse in the 1950s in East London was not easy, there was a lack of hygiene and a lot of poverty; This work explores the life of midwives, both nuns and lay nurses, in this difficult context.

Two books that were series to become books again…

Six Feet Under

Books: The undertaker: life seen from the funeral service Y bodies in motion and at restby Thomas Lynch.

Both books investigate how it affects the people in charge of burying our dead, on a personal and family level, by dedicating themselves to that profession so charged with pain and putrefaction.

sex and the city

Book: Sex and the Cityby Candace Bushnell

In this and other books, the author brings together her homonymous columns published by the weekly newspaper The New York Observer.

On these last two series were based the Colombian writers Carolina Vegas and Andrea Salgado to write a couple of essays loaded with literature, part of the First Season collection of the Rey Naranjo publishing house.

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