Bold phrases for WhatsApp according to your zodiac sign

Is your relationship getting cold? Send him one of these 12 daring phrases for WhatsAppbut check your zodiac sign first.

Each of the zodiac signs has specific characteristics that prefix some aspects of personality of those born under its influence.

That is why, among other things, not all seduction techniques work for everyone; In the case of chat messages, the same thing happens: you have to personalize.

Bold phrases for WhatsApp according to your zodiac sign


He does not like to beat around the bush, as he is direct and prefers to go to the point. The message with which you will ignite all their emotions is “do what you want to me”, accompanied by a photo in your underwear.


Although they are very dedicated in bed, they are not so direct to flirt. You drive a Taurus crazy like someone who doesn’t want the thing, for example, share a freshly bathed image with wet hair and write «I’m all wet.»


You do not conquer him with images, but with words. His mind is dirty and twisted, so explicit phrases like «I want to have you inside me» move him.


Although he is very romantic, he gets excessively excited with words of flattery, so you can try phrases like «I love your (…)». That will drive him crazy.


For him there is no foreplay: everything is a game, that’s why the act itself of exchanging spicy messages can be enough for him, if you know how to do it; write texts like “I love how you do it to me”, in present, as if they were doing it at that moment.


Although he seems shy and conservative, inside his pants he keeps pleasant surprises. The key to open them is tenderness, that’s why include in your spicy messages private nicknames for their parts or yours.


He likes that you take the initiative and use his imagination with role-playing through any chat. For example, you can write to him as if you were someone else, a naughty doctor, for example, or a blade professor.


He is the most intense sign in love and intimacy, that’s why he likes to accumulate, so the best thing you can do is seduce him with a phrase like «everything you see here (explicit photo) is yours».


A phrase like «I don’t have any clothes on and I’m thinking of you» will awaken his baser, more impulsive instincts and he won’t be able to stop thinking about you for the rest of the day.


He is not the most direct person when it comes to going to bed with someone, because he lets himself be guided more by the energies, therefore, the best messages to seduce him are those with humorous phrases, meme type.


He loves intimate toys, that’s why the phrase with which you can seduce him is one in which you tell him what you are going to do with them, for example, «I would let you play with this on my body», along with a photo of you know what.


He is the most erotic of all the signs, so the phrases that make him fall must contain details of how, when, why and where you want to be intimate with him.

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