Blonde hair: 5 styles to highlight your attributes

If he blond hair you love it and you want a change of look, we give you some ideas that you should take into account to highlight your attributes.

Blond hair is preferred by many women, regardless of whether they are white or dark skinned. For this reason, here we give you 5 ideas so that you can choose the style that you like the most and finally dare to make that change of look.

blonde hair color

The blonde tone has endless styles with which you can experiment, however, if it is the first time that you dare for this color, it is best to try a balayage to see if it is definitely what you want in your hair. Having said that! Here are some ideas for you to play with your hair and find that style you’re looking for.

two golden blonde hair

The secret of this style is to combine two shades of blonde, one at the base and another color at the ends. Those two golden colors will highlight your beauty and you will look very stylish, a little fresher and more fashionable.

light blonde balayage hair

This style never goes out of style, it is perfect for people who want to start experimenting with blonde tones. Ideally, a dark base is lightened by painting a few strands of hair. Immediately, this will create a natural effect on your hair as the stylist manually paints each strand one by one.

burnt blonde hair

Burnt blonde is a color that flatters anyone, as it looks great on white and brown skin. The good thing about this style is that you can use it very light or very dark depending on your preference, but you should know that in any case your attributes will be highlighted.

bleached golden hair

The bleached golden tone is ideal for curly hair, as it creates a beautiful effect and highlights the brown skin due to the hints it gives to the hair. So now you know, this can be a very good option for you if you want a change of look.

honey golden hair

This honey tone is ideal for dark skin, it has reddish tones that complement dark skin very well. In addition, this tint allows you to play with the shadows to create an effect and a natural contour on your face.

If you still haven’t decided on a particular hair tone, we leave you with other ideas that might interest you for that change of look… Chocolate hair, what tone suits you?, just one click away on Vibra.