Blazer: 11 pints to fall in love with him again

With these pints that we show you here, you will fall in love with the blazer again!

Many women are so traumatized by the school uniform that we end up hating the famous blazer to death, inevitable in many flag raisings throughout our childhood. However, this garment is not as badass as it is presented to us in blurred school memories. The blazer is, in fact, one of the garments that girls use the most in the office, but we don’t know it, because we think we have a jacket on! But make no mistake, it has a more sporty cut and, although it may or may not be crossed, it retains that air inspired by the clothes worn by sailors.

Get inspired by 11 pints, and fall in love with the blazer all over again!

You must have in your closet black blazergoes with everything!

A pastel blazer It can be the perfect complement for those pale shoes that you think don’t come out with anything…

Blazer dark blueanother classic!

Fold up the sleeves to expose the lining…

a blazer beige It goes perfectly with dark jeans…

just like one tobacco color

But if you like it safe, a gray blazer is for you!

And if you feel risky, try a bright colored blazerlike this fuchsia…

Or checkered!

and how about this stripedwhy not?

And could not be missing from our list white blazerlike the one worn by the girl with the hat…

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