Black Cat Day

Black Cat Day has been celebrated on August 17th every year since 2011. Originally created to honor a woman who felt a bond with her black cat «Sinbad», this special day of the year is now used to remind us all of the value of black cats, break down prejudice and encourage people to love black cats, who are in animal shelters to give a new home.

Superstitions surrounding these dark and elegant cats date back centuries and continue to this day. Unfortunately, it often has negative connotations. Records show that black cats were associated with the occult as early as the 13th century when Pope Gregory IX. issued an official church document entitled «Vox in Rama» on June 13, 1233.2 This may explain why the superstition persists to this day that a black cat brings bad luck if it crosses one’s path.

Unfortunately, reality shows that black cats have to wait much longer to be adopted than their opposite-colored counterparts – a fate that they share with other shelter residents of the same coat color – such as dogs. When deciding against a black animal, superstition may unconsciously guide the way.3