Birthday Cartoon Network: What is your favorite children’s channel?

We celebrate 22 years since the launch of Cartoon Network, finding out which is the favorite children’s channel of our listeners… Vote!

On the first of October 1992, Time Warner & Turner Broadcasting System launched Cartoon Network cable channeldedicated to reaching the children’s public through cartoons, and to compete with Nickelodeon. See below the promotion with which they tried to sell the channel to potential advertisers…

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This birthday is relevant today more than ever, when the last broadcast television network in the United States that still had a children’s strip made its last broadcast of cartoons on Saturday mornings last September 27.

Thus, it seems that, at least in the northern giant, kids without cable service won’t be able to watch cartoons on his days off. More than unfair, it is sad, because educational content is replacing entertainment… so, where is the right of children to recreation, the right to be children?

One of the reasons why the children’s slot (and the Colombian channels do come in there as well) now shows cheap programs for children, such as Reality showsbecause cable took over cartoons. By the way, we want to ask you which children’s channel is your favorite… Vote!