Birth day number reveals true personality

The personality of each one is unique and unrepeatable, however, there are some common traits that can be distinguished according to the number of the day of birth.

Numerology is a practice that describes how numbers affect human beings in their personal dimension, but also how they they can reveal aspects of our lives that we ignorebecause we think that they are only the product of chance.

Did you know that the number of the day of your birth reveals your true personality?

  • born on 1 Are leaders by nature, they give the first kick to the ball, because they like to be the starting point.
  • The 2. They are persons balanced, who seek harmony; It is difficult for them to launch themselves into the world, so they prefer not to stand out from the group.
  • 3. They are clever ambitious and smart, so they learn quickly, but often leave their projects halfway through.
  • Four. People judicious, tenacious, who get what they want thanks to their hard and constant work; They think they are always right.
  • 5. adventurers: People born on this day are beings of action, who need to be constantly in projects.
  • 6. Are homeyattached to the family and calm, however, they tend to worry too much about their own.
  • 7. The best intellectualsthey think about everything 10 thousand times, so they can seem cold and unfeeling.
  • 8. they like powerso they will always achieve material success, even if their love life suffers for it.
  • 9. are full of artistic sensibilityso they always find a way to see the beauty in everything that comes their way.
  • 0. positives to the bone, they will try to take advantage of even the saddest and most unfortunate situation.

You may ask, what if I was born on the 12th? Or the 31st? Easy, what you should do is combine the numbers of your birth, where the second will always be the dominantSo…

  • Born on the 27th (7 and 2): Intellectual but balanced people.

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