Biography of Carmen Villalobos adds a TV and Novels award

The biography of Carmen Villalobos accumulates a new triumph: the TV y Novelas award for the favorite female lead in a telenovela or series, for her outstanding performance in the second part of the popular Sin senos no hay paradise.

Carmen has talent and is a very good girl

Carmen Villalobos was the star that shone the most during the award ceremonyWell, not only was she recognized for her acting talent but she was also the presenter of the event, she took over all eyes and cameras with her spectacular body!

Carmen Villalobos is pure attitude

Carmen wore dresses in colors that very few could wear with such attitude: gold, silver and black. The gold and black created a real controversy as it is rumored that Carmen had no underwear under her spectacular translucent outfits!

Although in the biography of Carmen Villalobos her age remains a mystery, it is undeniable that she is a very young woman who has already achieved fame and recognition. We know that she will not stop here and that we will be able to continue writing her passionate story.

Do you think it’s comfortable to wear a suit without underwear? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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