Beware of these types of infidelity

No relationship is free from infidelity, but what can infidelity be? There are some types of infidelity that can end your relationship without you realizing it.

All relationships are built on the pillar of fidelity, however, being completely faithful is a difficult condition to maintain for any of the members of the relationship.

Take note of these 5 types of infidelity

#1. online or virtual

Virtual infidelity is the most common today and has gained a lot of strength thanks to thousands of applications that exist on the market.
Many people use the Internet to be unfaithful, since they can connect at any time and place, even with the partner at home.
«Those who commit virtual infidelity do not always get to have a physical relationship with the person.»

#two. affective

To be unfaithful it is not necessary to have sex, but the fact of feeling something for another person while you have your partner is considered treason.
It is also called romantic infidelity, and there may or may not be sex. It is more typical of women than men.

#3. forced

Forced infidelity is considered to be that carried out by people with «low self-esteem» and who do not feel loved in their relationship, so they seek in infidelity what they do not really have in their marriage.
«The fear of breaking up a toxic relationship favors this type of infidelity.»

#4. for sexual addiction

They are sexual infidelities in which the only thing the person wants is to satisfy their obsessive erotic need.
Sexual addiction is manifested by a pattern of uncontrolled sexual behavior, alternating with periods of relative calm.

#5. Of approval

This type of infidelity is committed by people who are ending their relationship and do not have the strength to leave it permanently.
They need to have someone there to help them get through the rough time, and they use the other person to keep them from feeling alone.
Users of this type of affective crisis can promise gold to their partner of infidelity, but in reality it is a way to avoid the possibility of a separation alone.

Which of these types of infidelity have you been a victim of?