Betsy Liliana González, the most beautiful ex that Diomedes Díaz had

The «doctor» as Betsy Liliana González is known, is the most beautiful ex that Diomedes Díaz had and his photos on social networks confirm it.

The «Chief of the Board» met Betsy Liliana when she was a medical student at the Free University of Barranquilla.

From their relationship for 10 years they had 3 childrenLuis Mariano, «El Travieso» Moisés Díaz who died in a traffic accident and the beautiful Betsy Liliana Díaz, who is also characterized by her indisputable beauty.

Betsy Liliana González shares photos with her children on her social networks, but she also leaves her friends breathless almost 400 thousand followers when you let see your curves.

Very sensual photographs and they have nothing to envy their daughter Betsy Liliana, 23 years oldas they are quickly filled with «Like» and comments about her figure.

She is the most beautiful ex that Diomedes Díaz had

Many fans of the cacique agree that Betsy Liliana was the prettiest ex Diomedes Díaz had, even above Consuelo Martínez.

She was the muse of several Diomedes songs and she accompanied him in the most difficult moments of his life as the death of Doris Adriana Niño and when she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré.

Betsy was the last woman that Diomedes had before living with Consuelo Martinez, woman he planned to marry before his death.

Which of the two women do you think is prettier, Consuelo Martínez or Betsy Liliana González? Leave your opinion in the comments.

With information from Canal RCN