Best horror movies according to science

And for you, what are the best horror movies? Well, that’s what you say, because a study showed which are the scariest of truth.

Fear is an emotion that we share with animals, because our survival depends on it; thanks to her we avoid dark alleys, we flee before a disaster and we even lie to avoid punishment.

However, we like to scare ourselves; That is why we enter “houses of fear”, we watch videos on YouTube about terrifying events and we massively attend theaters (or streaming on Netflix) when there are premieres on Halloween.

Why do you like horror movies?

Although some people are attracted to this type of cinema to a greater or lesser extent, the influx at the box office is explained by the human need to understand our fears without exposing ourselves.
And it is that scaring us safely has the same effects on our bodies as scaring us in real life, only without zombie attacks, extreme violence, murderous monsters, etc.

Top 5 of the best horror movies (according to science)

The study, called Science of Scare Project and published by the portal Broad band choicesmeasured the heart rates of several volunteers of different ages while they watched more than 120 hours of horror tapes.

And these were the 5 that accelerated the hearts of the spectators the most…

5. Paranormal activity

It tells the story of a young couple who tries to capture on camera a paranormal event that torments them at home. Volunteer viewers reported an average of 82 beats per minute when watching, with a peak of 127.

Four. the devil’s legacy

After the death of their grandmother, the members of a family are harassed by what appears to be a supernatural entity. He produced an average of 83 beats per minute, with a peak of 109.

3. The spell

Based on real events, it tells how the Warrens (the marriage of parapsychologists famous for Annabelle) save a large family from an evil spirit. It caused an average of 84 beats per minute, with a peak of 129.

two. the night of the devil

A boy falls into a coma and his parents take him home in that state without suspecting the monstrous demons that haunt his soul. The average number of beats per minute was 85, with a peak of 133.

1. Sinister ranks first on this list of best horror movies

Seeking inspiration, a writer moves into a house where several murders have occurred and discovers a box of home videos he wishes he hadn’t found. The volunteers presented an average of 86 beats per minute when viewing it, with a peak of 133.

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