Benefits of yoga: reasons to practice this ancient discipline

Obtaining a flexible body, losing weight, gaining great strength and healthy skin are just some of the benefits of yoga.

Yoga is a discipline that captivates those who practice it, which is why several people say that it is something that changes their lives. In addition, when someone begins to do yoga, they not only perceive its usefulness on a physical level, but also on a mental and spiritual level.

Benefits of yoga on the body

For that reason, we bring you several of the benefits that yoga brings to your body, so that you dare to put this ancient discipline into practice. So take a deep breath and pay close attention so that you know its usefulness and make the most of it.

Reduce anxiety and stress

The regular practice of yoga can help you reduce the state of anxiety and stress that you experience on a daily basis. For that reason, it is a natural method that allows you to lower the tension accumulated on a daily basis, both physically and mentally. Through proper postures you can release stress and tension from the neck, back and joints.

Strengthen the immune system

In yoga body, mind and spirit are a whole, that’s why any plane that is affected will cause irregularity in the person. Yoga postures will not only take care of massaging the different organs of the body, but will also help strengthen the muscular system. In addition, correct breathing techniques will improve the immune system.

Lose weight

As if that were not enough, when you practice this discipline you can burn calories. In other words, there is an average caloric expenditure of 7 kcal/min, which is equivalent to burning about 507 calories per hour. For that reason, yoga is an ideal complement to a diet to lose weight or to maintain the proper weight.

Benefits of yoga: Increase flexibility

It may be that at first you find it difficult to start with yoga postures. However, when practiced with consistency and respect, everything that this discipline implies is ideal for enhancing muscle flexibility to the maximum.

antiaging therapy

It seems incredible, but the regular practice of yoga is capable of reversing the aging process, since it has a direct influence on telomerase, a famous enzyme that is key to protecting telomeres. This means that the DNA does not suffer drastic damage that is caused by lifestyle.

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