Benefits of smelling your partner’s gases… Would you do it?

Believe it or not, a study assures that there are benefits of smelling your partner’s gases… Ah? Here we detail them.

Did you know there are benefits to smelling your partner’s gas?

Yes, it is disgusting and in bad taste, however, research from the University of Exeter (UK) ensures that smelling farts could prevent diseases such as:

  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • cardiorespiratory disorders

According to scientists, the hydrogen and methane present in the gases protect development at the mitochondrial level, accelerating cell recovery and lengthening its life.

Why do you think of smelling those of the couple? Because they are the ones that we have the easiest access to if we sleep with that person, in addition, It would be less disgusting, wouldn’t it?

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With information from: europe fm