Being happy despite the difficulties of life, is it possible?

Yes, for you be happy despite the difficulties of life It is an epic and almost impossible task, here we give you some tips to achieve it, easily and quickly.

It is a fact that excess optimism is toxic and we know that all emotions must learn to be managed consciously, even if they are «negative», such as sadness, frustration, anger, etc.

However, experts believe that letting ourselves sink into misfortune can end in depression, so it is important to try to keep these emotions under control. But how?

Being happy despite the difficulties of life is possible with these tips

As reported by the Harvard University School of Medicine, it is possible, but not by believing in magical solutions, but by doing our part; these are his tips.

1. Do things you like

Have you noticed that time flies when you do things that you really like? It’s because your body and mind are enjoying it, that’s why toxic thoughts fade away. Cook, paint, organize your house, watch movies, read… Do what fills you the most.

2. Identify your strengths and take advantage of them

What are you better at than others? A recent study showed that people who identify their key strength and use it in a new way each week significantly increased happiness and reduced depression.

3. Appreciate

Gratitude helps build strong relationships with friends and family so you can better deal with adversity. But it’s not just about saying thank you (from the teeth), but about valuing what others do for you and being loyal to those people.

4. Value the small pleasures in life

During your day to day, notice the little things that give you pleasure, like having an orange juice in the morning, a hot and relaxing shower, a dessert after lunch. Live the moment and enjoy it with all your senses.

5. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by stress

Focus on one thing, keeping distractions to a minimum; do not try to chop here and there in your daily tasks, but do first one task, then another and then others, successively, concentrating 100% on each one of them.

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