Before and after Wendy Sulca in music

The young Peruvian has made an extreme change since we met her when she was 8 years old and we saw her on the Internet singing «La Tetica» and other Peruvian folk songs, but that was left behind.

Wendy Sulca Today she is 22 years old and for some time we have seen how her beauty has evolved on her social networks.

After this obvious physical change that many of us have admired, she has surprised us with the musical genre she has entered.

The name of the song «That was already» and it is a mix of urban genre with some Andean sounds that shows an evolution in his sound and is a clear message to those who still ask at his concerts «The Tetica”.

These are some of the comments on his YouTube channel.

Of course, her beauty has also been the reason for the great success of her new song because she sees herself as a more mature woman getting in tune with the women who dominate this genre in Latin America.

That’s how we met her a good couple of years ago.

Today it looks spectacular as we see it on its social networks.