Before and after Paola Usme from the Colombian “Barbie”

Some of us know who Paola Usme is, but many people do not remember her during her time on programs like «El Desafío» or «Guerreros» on Channel 1, that’s why we show you the Before and after Paola Usme of the Colombian «Barbie».

The paisa model has a spectacular body, however, it has not always been like this, the account of Twitter “Pille Well” recently posted pictures of Paola Usme younger.

Even today, Paola has a much more defined and sculptural body than the one she had in 2016 when she participated in the “Super Humans, Super Regions Challenge”.

At that time she joined the Antioqueños team and was the seventh eliminated from Reality, she barely lasted 19 days in the competition.

Before and after Paola Usme from the Colombian “Barbie”

She even posted a photo on her Instagram stories. Instagram when I was 17 and many could not get out of their astonishment, because they did not recognize her.

The change is tremendous, since it is evident that she was chubby-cheeked and her bust was small, today almost 10 years later, nor is she cheeky and her bust looks like another.

This is how Paola Usme from the Colombian «Barbie» looks today

Recently in a photo the Colombian «Barbie» was criticized because a scar on one of her buttocks was noticed in one of her many photographs, revealing her surgery.

Surgeries are a help to look goodHowever, it should also not be forgotten that she is a full-time athlete and the results of her training are also evident.

All human beings have physical changes throughout our lives, especially when we go from adolescence to adulthood and this may be one of those cases.