Before and after of the androgynous model Dave Castiblanco

If you’ve ever wondered what androgynous model Dave Castiblanco looked like, from The agencybefore being famous, here it is…

Model Dave Casteblanco was recently removed from the reality show The agencybattle of models, and with it part of the diversity of the contest went away, since it is androgynous.

An androgynous person is one who, for physical, emotional, or personal reasons, not defined by either genderbut he is intersex.

This is what the androgynous model Dave Castiblanco looked like before The agency

Those who follow the program know Dave as a very feminine boy with long, straight hair, however, it was not always like that. Before, he had short hair.

Now it looks like this when let out your most feminine side

And so when you want to lean a little towards masculinity

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