Becky G’s cellulite in this photo caused astonishment

Becky G is a singer who is becoming stronger in the urban genre and is not only recognized in our countrybut worldwide, music has brought her to fame, although it is not only that, her body is also praised and admired by many.

The singer’s social networks are full of photographs where she shows all her talent on stage, in addition to other photographs where her body looks and has even come to show herself without makeup, in a very natural way.

And apparently it is not the first time that Becky G has escaped with this type of photography. Here is an older one where you can see the same detail on her buttocks.

What do you think about this whole topic? We know that there is nothing wrong with having cellulite on the body, there are many women who have it, but girls you have to take care of your image and even more so when you are famous.

We clarify that we are not criticizing anyone, just clarifying the situation and we hope that this type of thing does not happen to you. Do not forget to share on your social networks and of course comment on what happened.