Because of several videos they say that Mateo Carvajal would have a new girlfriend

Matthew Carvajal He has given a lot to talk about with his past relationships, but this time his followers assured that now he would have new love.

It is no secret to anyone that Mateo Carvajal’s love life has been full of controversy. Since he was with Luisa Fernanda W, then with Melina Ramírez and the rumors of a possible romance with Jessica Cediel have always given a lot to talk about. However, everything seems to indicate that this time he would have a serious relationship and his followers say that it is because of some videos that they discovered him.

Mateo Carvajal would have a new girlfriend and his followers already know who it is

This is Stephanie Ruiz, who for several fans would be Mateo’s new partner, as he was at a private family celebration. The curious thing is that Mateo’s brother published a photograph where the couple appeared embracing and his grandmother was also hugging them in a particular way. In addition, along with the image, the young man mentioned «They have Celi’s blessing» and an emoji of some hands.

However, neither of the two has confirmed the rumors of whether there is actually a new romance or it is just a simple friendship. The truth is that the followers of the former Challenge participant do claim that it is «a possible love» de Mateo and that is why they have already begun to say that the young woman has a great resemblance to Melina Ramírez and Luisa Fernanda W.

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