Beans: recipe to prepare them with pork hoof

The beans have a recipe specifically to prepare them with pig’s hoof and thus acquire a truly unique flavor and thickness.

In many parts of the country there are traditional recipes to prepare beans and give them a unique touch. This is the case of its version with pig’s hoof, very typical in the departments of the interior of Colombia and which turns out to be exquisite. Although they do not differ almost at all from their normal preparation, the inclusion of this part of the pig has its secrets and here we are going to reveal them to you.

In case you want to know how to make green beans with a recipe that is worth preparing or you are going to measure it to add hoof, then you will love this step by step:

Beans homemade recipe to make them with hoof

Enter the kitchen and give your best! Get all the ingredients you need ready, put on your chef’s hat and follow this typical recipe with which you will surely delight your guests from start to finish:

Preparation time60 minutesCooking time 60 minutesCategoryAccompanimentCookingColombianKeywordsHot, thick, food, typicalFor how many people4 or 5PortionMediumCalories131Fat5.00 g


  • a pound of beans
  • a pig’s hoof
  • 1 big onion diced
  • One large diced tomato
  • Two finely minced garlic cloves
  • One green banana, peeled and diced
  • Color and salt to taste
  • Oil


Step 1. Cook

Remember that the first thing you should do is soak the beans overnight. Take that water out of them, put them in new water inside the pressure cooker and add the pig’s hoof. Cook for approximately 30 minutes. Meanwhile, go preparing the stew; Put a little oil in a frying pan and add the onion, the tomato, the garlic cloves, along with color and salt to taste. mix very well so that the tomato begins to release its juices and a traditional hogao is formed.

Step 2. Serve

Once the beans have whistled and are soft, carefully open the pot and add the plantain squares. Also add the hogao you just made to the beans. Cover the pot for about 10 or 15 more minutes and let everything cook. Ready, now you will have an exquisite dish that you can accompany with rice, slices, fried meat or whatever you want. Bon Appetite.

We share an explanatory video with the step by step of this simple recipe so you can see it as many times as you need it:

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