Basil care, we bet you didn’t know!

The basil care they are very special. Meet this plant that serves as a natural flavoring or dressing in gastronomy.

Since you have in mind to plant basil at home to get the most out of its properties, we tell you that just like the care that should be taken with geraniums, the greatest precautions are to focus on its proper growth and conservation.

What does basil cure?

Few plants are as versatile and useful as the well-known Ocimum basilicum. Although we often associate it as a culinary seasoning, its branches are also used in medicines to relieve headaches, digestive problems and even thanks to its antibacterial powers, it is commonly present in masks and recipes to reduce acne.

How to grow a basil plant?

The first thing you should know is that it can grow in sun exposure or in semi-shade conditions. If you do your planting outdoors, it is likely that it will need more care since it runs the risk of drying out quickly. To avoid this, it is best to keep the soil of the plant always moist.

Potted Basil Care

One of the principles for the plant to adapt is that the pot has good drainage, so holes in the bottom are a good recommendation. These are other aspects that will help you to have your basil in optimal conditions:

  • Plant several seeds inside the same pot, leaving a good space between them.
  • When the first stems grow, those that are stronger should be prioritized and those that look in poor condition or weak should be eliminated.
  • Water it constantly (or daily) but without wetting the soil too much, moistening it will be fine.
  • Prune it regularly trying to blunt the stems and remove the leaves that you see withered or yellowed.

Purple basil care

This variety of basil is special for lovers of aromatic herbs. Its best conditions develop in temperate and warm climates, although it resists colder temperatures well. It can reach 70 cm in height and its ideal place is in patios or terraces planted directly on the ground.

How long does a basil plant last?

It can have a life of more or less a year. When you are close to completing this time, you will see that new leaves and flowers hardly appear. This stage will mark the end of your cycle.

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