Basek releases ‘Keep Calm’ ahead of Lollapalooza

Twice awarded in Red Bull Battle of Roosters 2021and a whole life full of precise, hard and direct rhymes. Basekthe MCfreestyler and competition jury of the discipline, continues to expand his musical career: during 2007 he presented his epé «Personal and non-transferable rap»the following year was the turn of his first full-length entitled «Reform X»during 2016 he launches his successor «Mandrágora», and last year he captivated with «Yakuza», along with MPadrums, from which this new video is extracted.

This 2022 is not only an official competitor of FMS Chile, also begins to anticipate what will be an entire era loaded with singles. With eloquence on point, the rapper adds to «Keep Calm» their respective audiovisual experience; a song about what constantly happens to us, resilience to life.

«Not everything is victories or achievements, there are also failures and you have to stand stronger»tells the artist about the song charged with a darker and dirty sound atmosphere but of high quality, «something only SPs used in the 90s offer.»

Basek Photo by Lizardo Garrido

The resource of machines is added to a letter that portrays how hard existence is in many aspects: «social, spiritual, of not giving up in the face of all kinds of falls. All with a pinch of raps and references clearly about hip hop»adds Basek, who will be part of the next Lollapalooza Chile on March 19, and then go to Argentina where on the 25th he will participate in the international event freestyle combatand will close the month by returning to the Valparaíso region for the FMS Chileto be carried out March 27 at Quinta Vergara.

«Keep Calm» arrives with a clip directed together with Rubén Jeria, a video in which we see the daily life of his native San Antonio, transforming the piece into an urban delivery without falling into the obvious that the streets represent. The port containers decorate a walk through the fatigue and courage that life leaves us, enhanced by images of struggle, protest and resistance thanks to the work of John Chrysostom Y rebelfilms in the edit.

The first sample of a 2022 which will explore the many nuances of what it means to be alive. The difficulties but also the strength to continue; the transformations, the affections, the friends and enemies that configure us as humans who, despite everything, try to remain calm.

Listen below Keep Calm by Basek