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The barranquilleras are taking over the world! Look who are the women born in this city who today stand up for our country… And share this note!

Barranquilla has been the cradle of wonderful women, who In addition to having a stunning beauty, they are so smart and smart that today they are standing up for all of us internationally. They took over the world and we didn’t even notice!

Sofia Vergara

This woman is the quintessential Barranquilla woman: cheerful, pretty, uncomplicated and in a good mood. Her charisma is almost as high as her beauty and talent and that is why she is today one of the most famous Colombians in the world. She has had enough persistence to wait for her moment of glory in hollywood, who is living right now. In addition, he knows how to handle his image very intelligently.


Whether you like it or not, she taught everyone how to dance in Barranquilla. She paved the way for many Colombian women to follow in her footsteps abroad and today she continues to be the most important Colombian singer in the world. Whatever the haters say.

nina garcia

Less known is the work of Nina García, but no less important for that. this barranquilla It is a bible when it comes to fashion much so that she is the editor of the important fashionista magazine marie clairein addition to being a star jury in the reality show Project Runway.

Silvia Cherassi

She is the star fashion designer of our country, a pioneer in putting our country on the map of the competitive world of fashion, full of creatives who have followed in her footsteps…

Pauline Vega

Our most recent Miss Universe exudes Caribbean sensuality and good taste. She also has a strong character, which almost cost her her job, because she dared to publicly criticize the racist attitude of her then-boss, Donald Trump.

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