Bangs according to the shape of your face

There are many types of bangs but only a few are perfectly suited to the shape of your face. Here we tell you which ones…

Before getting your bangs, think about which one suits you, don’t get carried away only by fashion or the hair trend of the moment; look for the shape of your face and we will tell you which one suits you best.

The shape of your face defines the bangs you should do to your hair

  • Round face: You will soften the roundness of your face if you wear bangs on the side at the height of your eyelids but with the temple strand a little longer.
  • Heart-shaped face: You need a light fringe, very sharp, almost translucent and at eye level.
  • Square face: Your jaw is quite square, so you should balance the shape of your face with an open fringe, which reveals the forehead.
  • elongated face: A bushy capul-type straight bang favors you, as it covers the forehead and shortens the length of the face.
  • Oval face: Having this face shape is a fortune, because you can literally use any type of bangs and it will look good on you.

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If your bangs grew too long and you want to save yourself the talk of the hairdresser, then cut it yourself!

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