Bamboo: care that you must have

Plants harmonize the home and it is good to know about the bamboo: care that you need in any space for its conservation.

Bamboo is world-renowned (thanks to Po from Kung Fu Panda) for being one of the largest-stemmed plants found in nature.

Still don’t know much about bamboo? We want to show you the types of plants that they are and above all, teach you about the care that should be taken with a species of plant that feels and is very susceptible to changes in the environment.

lucky bamboo

This is a species that is suspected to have originated in Africa, although China is the largest reservoir on the planet. In its variation suitable for having at home, the lucky bamboo can have a stem of about 10 cm in height and green leaves.

Its name derives from an ancient tradition, since it is very common to give this plant as a gift on New Year’s Day or at the inauguration of a home or business, as a wish for prosperity and abundance.

traditional bamboo

Many times we confuse these two species (traditional and lucky). The truth is that they share the name and somehow the appearance. Traditional bamboo is usually found in open green spaces in Asia, and its stem reaches about 25 meters high and 30 cm in diameter.

lucky bamboo care you need

It can be planted in soil or water, making it a recurring decoration in bathrooms, apartments and offices. These are the main precautions you should have: • Light: Its best condition is in places with intense light, but avoiding direct sunlight because it tends to burn easily.
Temperature: the ideal is between 18º C and 24º C. Although it also supports temperatures between 10º and 30º.
Irrigation: pay attention to the weather because in theory if it is in a container with water and it is cold, it should be changed once a week and every two weeks if it is hot. If your lucky bamboo is planted in soil, water it when you see that the substrate is dry.
• Pass: you can add it once a month along with the water and a few drops of fertilizer.

The cleaning, care and dedication that you give to your lucky bamboo must be recurrent so that it grows healthy.

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