Back massages, 3 therapeutic and anti-stress alternatives!

It is no secret to anyone that back massages They are ideal to eliminate from the body the ailments that problems and stress leave behind.

Definitely, day-to-day worries make it difficult to stay calm and zen. Stress generally tends to accumulate in areas of the body such as the shoulders, neck and back; hence many of the massages are focused on the therapeutic aspect to avoid these discomforts and release your muscles.

In case you are looking for the best massages to lose weight or want to learn some techniques to practice back massages, then this article is made for you:

Back massages: its benefits

We all know that massages in general have great benefits for health and aesthetics. When a back massage is performed, the body would be specifically benefited in the following aspects:

  • It would stimulate increased blood flow to the skin and muscles throughout the body.
  • It would reduce the pain of muscles and joints, while at the same time reducing their stiffness after sprains or inflammation.
  • It would reduce stress loads and could help increase the relaxation of the body.
  • It would improve blood circulation and increase energy to carry out all the activities of the day.
  • It would lower the heart rate and blood pressure levels.

massages for back pain

One of the main reasons why these types of procedures are performed is because of the inflammation derived from poor body posture. Other reasons for back pain are poor head position when sleeping, problems associated with tissue inflammation or even traumatic and/or neurological injuries.

Massages for back pain should be practiced responsibly and above all, manipulation of the spine should be avoided. This, because some of the arteries that connect it to the brain could be damaged.

However, therapeutic massages may have the answer to back pain, as they would help relax the muscles while correcting bone problems, for example.

Here we show you 3 alternatives for you to do a good back massage either at home or with the help of a professional:

1. Back and neck massages

The acupressure technique has been imposing itself in the world. For this reason, we show you how with your own hands you could relax the muscles and take away the pain in these areas:

  • Wash your hands very well and apply oil or body cream on them. Take them to the affected area and begin to perform a light massage, first exerting controlled pressure (without it hurting too much) and subsequently accompany it with circular massages until you feel heat in the area. Apply ice packs to help reduce swelling. This massage should not exceed 10 minutes.

2. neck massage

If neck and shoulder pain is bothering you, you could try this exercise:

  • Place your fingertips on the shoulders. Make your body as relaxed as possible and kneel down, leaving your shoulders low and letting go of your neck. With your fingers, go down all the shoulders, starting at the base of the jaw and ending where the arm begins. Apply gentle but constant pressure for a few seconds, alternating every 2 or 3 cm.
  • Keep in mind that every time you do a pressure, you should take a deep breath, taking air through your nose and releasing it through your mouth.

3. Neck massager

If you have any neck massager at home, you can also juice it up. The most recognized and sold are those that resemble a u-shaped pillow, and are used to loosen any knots you may have in that area. Generally, they work through vibrations and heat radiation released by the muscles, giving them a sensation of rapid relief. Of course, you must that these devices can cost from $20 to $80 dollars (approximately between $70,000 and $305,000 Colombian pesos)

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