Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix: A portrait of the Aussiedor

Both the Australian Shepherdas well as the Labrador Retrievers are fascinating dogs with great qualities.

It was obvious to cross these two breeds. This is how the 1990s came about Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix.

In a made-up word, this mixed-breed dog is also known as Aussiedor known. Often he will too Labrador Aussie mix called.

The most important things in brief about the Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix:

Size & Life Expectancy:

  • Adult males and females: 20 to 26 kilograms
  • Average life expectancy 13 years

character: bright, athletic, family-friendly, outgoing, loyal, brave and dependable

special feature: The mixed breed with shepherd and hunting dog in his pedigree needs a lot of exercise and mental challenge. He is easy to train, but because of his high standards, he needs an owner with experience and a lot of time.


The Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix is ​​a mixed breed dog and therefore has no uniform appearance. Depending on the genetic component, he can look more like the Aussie or the Labrador.

The emigrant has one broad and strong stature.

He has a relative broad head and lop ears, which he inherited from both parents. The ears are floppy and triangular.

In addition, he has a relative long rodwhich can be hairy of different lengths.

Height Weight

The size and weight of the Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix varies widely depending on the dominant parent.

This is how male dogs live between 35 and 50 centimeter large. In females, the range is even more extreme. They reach a shoulder height of 25 to 50 centimeters.

When it comes to weight, there are hardly any gender differences. Both males and females will 20 to 26 kilograms difficult.

Colors & coat texture

The Aussiedor’s coat can do that various color variations exhibit. It often has a wide variety of Brown shades up, but also on black or tricolor fur is possible.

currents or speckles also occur. Also one Merle coloring is not rare.

These are spot-like color brightenings that appear randomly and resemble marbling.

The Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix has one double coatwho from a dense and water-repellent outer fur and one warm undercoat consists.

Character & temperament of the Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix

The Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix is ​​a very more active Dog and a real bundle of energy. He doesn’t like boredom at all.

As a family dog, the Aussiedor is a faithful and loyal companionthe exceedingly lovable and gentle is.

He is towards strangers suspiciousbut never aggressive. As a herding dog, he sees it as his job to protect his family, but sticks to it friendly and reserved.

And he is one too very calm fellow. Loud barking is not one of his favorite pastimes.

The Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix is ​​a excellent and enthusiastic swimmer. You should therefore always include trips to streams, rivers or lakes in your business planning.

attitude & upbringing

The Aussiedor should socialized and trained early on become.

The ancestors of the Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix were herding dogs and inherited their instincts to a greater or lesser extent.

Especially in families with children, the four-legged friend could feel instructed to keep them in the “herd” with a light bite.

However, these dogs are very intelligentlearn quickly and can be trained well and easily.

The four-legged friend tends to become fixated on its owner and feels neglected when left alone for long periods of time.

Even if he is not mentally challenged or does not get enough exercise, he likes to say thank you with bitten shoes or gnaws on the home furnishings.

Challenging these dogs mentally and physically is an absolute must.

In addition to long walks that can be combined with intelligent games and long jogging or bike tours, these four-legged friends are ideal for dog sports and agility.

Although the Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix well trainable is, it is less suitable for dog beginners and first-time owners. Especially inexperienced dog owners often underestimate the high demands of this four-legged friend meaningful workload and employment.

In addition to being a family pet, the Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix often finds use as a hunting dog, although its hunting instincts are not very strong.

Like his parents, he is also often used as a herding or shepherd dog.

There is nothing wrong with keeping an apartment as long as he experiences his required occupancy.

A house with a garden in the countryside, with lots of room to move in forests and meadows is certainly the better alternative.

Breeding & Health

Mixed breed dogs are usually less susceptible to diseases typical of their parents’ breed. Nevertheless, they can inherit typical diseases.

Due to its stature, the Australian Shepherd tends to be Labrador Mix Hip and elbow dysplasia.

Although the Aussiedor is a very agile and active dog, you should hold back his urge to move as long as he is not fully grown.

In order to make your four-legged friend happy, you can of course gradually increase the workload. It is important to wait for the bone structure to grow and at the same time to strengthen the muscles.

You cannot generally prevent dysplasia, but you can significantly reduce the risk.

Especially if both parents have a strong Merle can mutate into the Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix.

The merle gene often causes a very strong one in dogs impairment in hearing and vision. In rare cases, this leads to complete blindness or deafness.

Often with the four-legged friends also the sense of balance disturbed, because in them, as in humans, it is connected to the sense of hearing.

Carriers of the merle gene often also have one high number of stillbirths, which is a not insignificant factor for further breeding. Breeders should therefore approach their goal of a nice-looking merle effect with caution.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of an Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix is ​​around 10 when healthy, well exercised and happy 13 years.

Occasionally, an age of 14 to 15 years reached. Life expectancy is on average 10 to 13 years.

What is there to look out for in Australian Shepherd Labrador Mix puppies?

Australian Shepherd Labrador mixes are popular family dogs. The higher the demand, the more dubious providers take advantage of it to offer dogs at bargain prices on classifieds portals on the Internet. The little dogs are ready to be picked up immediately.

A reputable breeder gives their puppies no earlier than 8 weeks away. Reputable breeders also offer appointments where you can examine the litter and choose the puppies you want.

You can visit him at any time by prior arrangement.

A reputable breeder can also provide you with the entire pedigree of his breed. The documents show whether the parents are healthy.

If the puppies already show clear signs of the merle effect, you should refrain from the offer, as this may be a question of overbreeding or even torture.

Australian Shepherd Labrador mixes are offered online by backyard breeders for $300 to $400. However, you should not consider this.

In fact, from a reputable breeder, prices for these dogs hover around 800 to 1500 euros.

In return, you will receive a vaccination book and the family tree in addition to your new companion. All necessary medical examinations have been carried out and your dog is microchipped.

With the collection and payment for the puppy, the reputable breeder is still at your disposal if you have any questions that only arise afterwards.

Good breeders are often willing to take your dog back on a daily basis if you have to go away for a few days and cannot take your dog with you.

Reputable breeders love their dogs and are reluctant to give up the puppies, even if the price of an Aussiedor seems very high, and do not question whether the dog suits you, but whether you suit the dog.

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