Attention with these 5 factors can definitely kill your love relationship

Everyone fights because they are two different people, so two different ways of thinking will surely collide one day. This is when you pay attention, adjust and learn to let go of what you can. In the midst of all that, there are 5 factors that need to be considered or else your relationship will die a slow death.

ugly fights

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All couples fight and it’s normal. However, when these fights don’t get that closure, someone slams the door and walks out and leaves the elephant hanging in the room, it leaves the issue unresolved, it brings that negativity. The looming negativity, in turn, may prolong the cold war. If you have such fights again and again, without solving the problem and leaving your words hanging in the air, love slowly disappears.

lack of kindness

Saying the word “NO” to everything your partner suggests can be very disappointing for them. Also, not helping with small chores around the house adds to the frustration. In turn, if either of them does these tasks, the other must recognize and appreciate the fact that she did something. If none of the above is happening, then one of the partners will definitely feel that he/she is not cared for and that they are taken for granted. Reciprocity, recognition and help is very important in any relationship.

lack of sex

Sex is not just about desire, it also adds and brings intimacy. If either of you refuses to have sex with the other, there is a chance that the relationship is coming to an end. Coming to a solution and working on that spark is very important here.

not share your feelings

If you bottle up your feelings and don’t talk about anything with your partner, it can lead to a lot of pent-up frustration and eventually a lack of communication. Also, your partner will feel that you are creating a distance and excluding him. That’s not what a relationship is. In a relationship, they are partners where they are transparent with each other, they solve all the problems together. And sometimes, you just have to be a good listener and not respond to everything. Let your partner vent.

Making «I’m sorry» a routine

Any word loses meaning if it is repeated too much and actions speak differently. This is especially applicable to words like sorry. There are two scenarios for that and both need to be discontinued or else you will end up losing your self-esteem or your partner’s frustration levels will continue to rise. The first is when you apologize for everything, even when it’s not your fault, and you apologize for your partner’s mistakes as well. The second is when you make the same mistakes over and over again and apologize each time. So work on it or else your relationship will go downhill.