At the End of the World the latest from Eros Ramazzotti

The Italian singer returns with a new single called «At the End of the World» and was released in 60 countries around the world as a prelude to his new record production entitled Perfetto.

This is an amazing song, which not only confirms the unique style of the most popular Italian singer in the world, but also surprises his international audience with hints of modern folk and country, combined with peculiar acoustic instrument sounds that make the song very more attractive.

The single explores the theme of what one would do for love, including going to the ends of the world: crossing boundless grasslands, dangerous places, and uncharted territories. What Don Quixote, we are willing to fight with imaginary windmills or real giants to achieve our dreams. For love we will become free, as one «rolling Stone»as he said bob dylan Or we’ll move to heaven “the sun and other stars” as we read in the book Dante «The Divine Comedy».

To the end of the world was musicalized and produced by Eros Ramazzotti and Claudio Guidetti. The dumbbell has produced the entire album and Claudio has been very enthusiastic about this project: “I have worked with Eros since 1995 and I have never before heard him sing as well as he has on this album: he surprises and moves me deeply with his vocal intensity and he is in absolutely amazing form!”. The lyrics for this theme were written by Eros himself, in collaboration with Francesco Bianconi and Kaballà.

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Simultaneously with the release of the single, Eros released the video directed by Jacopo Rondinellifilmed in the desert of Almeria in Spain and the suburbs of Milan. The director sets the video within the imaginary world of a child, whose fantasy ranges from desks and his family life to his own whimsical world. The young protagonist dreams of being a sheriff in a western movie, and becomes the hero of a story in which he sets out to rescue a beautiful girl from two evil characters. The legendary old west became the perfect setting for a story with cute children and a happy ending at a school party.

The single and 13 other songs make up the new record material, PERFECT that precedes the worldwide success of his album NOI, which was certified 4 times Platinum in Italy; Platinum in Spain and Switzerland; Prayed in Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Venezuela.

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