At last! Unbreakable veiled stockings

In our opinion, this was something that was taking a long time to invent, especially because many of us use this type of garment and because every time we go to use them, we have to buy new ones, because they do not last long in good condition.

Did you know that they are called «Mediogenes» to people who basically compulsively accumulate damaged stockings, with runs or holes the size of a fist and the Diogenes of stockings are the drawers full of useless pantyhose. Pairs and pairs of socks that, although when the time comes we never wear them and insist on not throwing them away.

stockings «healthy», for their part, they are a very different song. They have the quality of disappearing when they are most needed or simply when they are needed in general. And, when he finally finds them, they guarantee an average of decency of about 45 minutes.

However, sometimes wonderful things happen in fashion. Milestones that go through more than just improving the aesthetics of our clothing (that also). Advances that directly make our lives easier. We talk about the creation of women’s pants, Velcro for children’s shoes or, I don’t know, the zipper.

Well, today we are witnessing a fashion advance that could mean the end of the mediogenes syndrome, many morning walks of shame and the tireless search for «healthy» stockings in the middle of a tangle of Lycra.

Because yes, the definitive stocking has arrived, it’s called Sheerly Genious and it promises to be practically unbreakable.

Made with ballistic-grade fibers as the brand itself defends, “they are ten times stronger than steel”, which according to advance, guarantees a minimum of 50 race-proof uses. In fact, the brand is so sure of its viability that it has even uploaded a video to its Instagram testing the resistance of the panties.

And although they are not yet for sale (oooohhh), we are optimistic, since on their Crowdfunding page the firm has already raised 27,000 dollars of the 25,000 that they had set for the commercialization of their prototype and for those who really see in them a Holy Grail fashionista, are now available for pre-sale. The price? 65 euros (220 thousand Colombian pesos). A figure not so high if we take into account what we will save on spare parts and that leads us to predict a future as bright for the firm as the very glass stockings that, luckily, it does not market. We already said that the advance was also aesthetic.

Taken from Vogue