Arrow tattoos and their incredible meanings

The arrow tattoos they are special because of the great meaning they have, that is why here we tell you what it is about.

If you are determined to get a tattoo on your skin, you can consider arrows as a very good option. This is a design that has become fashionable because it is simple, straightforward and minimalist, but its fine and clean lines at the end have great meaning.

Meaning of arrow tattoos

Arrow tattoos serve to express your personality, feelings, tastes and often a large number of ideas. Designs that include arrows are related to warriors, leadership, protection, and love.

single arrow tattoo

A tattoo with a single arrow is a symbol of protection and the ability to face complex situations. However, it is also related to defenses and that is one of its most valuable meanings.

Two arrows in opposite direction

Although this tattoo looks great and can be quite aesthetic, its meaning represents misunderstandings, rivalry or even war. So if you are thinking of getting this tattoo… Think twice!

crossed arrows

When two arrows intersect this immediately represents the meaning of friendship. It is for this reason that this is one of the most used designs among friends or siblings, as it represents that this relationship will be for life.

various arrows

If you want a tattoo where there are several arrows, this will symbolize the physical strength that each person has. And it is precisely that force that, being composed of four or five arrows, will be almost impossible to defeat.

a broken arrow

Believe it or not, this design does not represent negative things, quite the opposite. It is the representation of peace and to symbolize that you are in harmony with yourself.

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