Are you looking for a lease? Use these 5 tips to succeed

The pandemic has not only left economic and health consequences, it has also prompted many young people to look for their own spaces and, in the case of families, to want spacious environments to be able to carry out all the activities that, as a result of the quarantines, are now carried out indoors. of home.

However, you should know that it is not an easy task. In this sense, the rental marketplace developed five tips that will help you if you are interested in looking for a new home.

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  • The first thing is that you plan, search in advance and know the different places and characteristics available, since the process between the search, choice and the signing of the contract takes approximately two months.
  • Make sure you have good information to find what you need, and at the right price, by comparing on specialist sites. For this, you must think about your needs and if the place you are choosing meets your expectations.
  • Apply proactively. For example, have documents ready to hand that prove you’ll be a good tenant (they’re going to ask for them anyway). As a valid identity card, employment contract, certificate of employment seniority of at least six months, last six salary settlements and certificate of commercial/financial behavior.
  • Evaluate the property in detail. Remember that it is the place that you will be paying month by month, and you can save yourself many problems and bad times for the future if you make sure of its current state, such as the state of the electrical circuit, the drains, possible gas or water leaks, etc. .
  • Take into account aspects such as the orientation of the property, depending on whether you prefer more light or do not want direct sun. In the event that it is an apartment, consider the number of floors and the number of elevators; as well as connectivity, access to commerce and proximity to schools and health services.

To solve all these edges and help you in the rental search process, it is that It has the best tools, thanks to its sophisticated intelligence based on Machine Learning, added to a specialized user experience that allows this rental marketplace to be up to 15 times more efficient in its results.

In addition, it has specialized software that helps to carry out in-depth analysis, offering customers unique and most up-to-date data on the market.

“Busco Nido is aimed both at market professionals who need to publish and offer properties, as well as for people who need to rent, to help them find a rental faster and with better information. The goal is for users to find the best rental opportunity, in less time and with quality information. And also that industry professionals achieve efficient commercial management in less time and more profitable «comment Jose Pedro Fuenzalidaco-founder of BuscoNido.