Are you getting old? Phrases that reveal your age

If you have said any of these phrases, you are already old… Or if you hear someone say them… you can calculate their age!

Many people live obsessed with age and are afraid to reveal their years, as if getting old were a sin and not something natural. The curious thing is that, like education, age is something that cannot be hidden; no matter how many surgeries someone has, their words will give them away if they use phrases like these:

“Play Atari”

If this phrase has come out in a context in which you are surrounded by people younger than you, they will not understand what you are talking about; but if you say to someone your age or older than you something like «I was playing Atari with my nephews all weekend»your efforts to appear youthful have been in vain.


You may have tried hard to hide your years from your officemates, but one day at lunch Do you get any reference to the fact that this or that movie you saw rented in Betatonio, you messed it up! And if you say you saw it on VHS or Betamax, your age is more than revealed!


If you are one of those who, when you go out partying all weekend, the following Monday comes to brag about how partying you are, but instead of talking about the «place» or the «bar» you say things like “we were in a nightclub on 82”your mouth has betrayed you, because everyone can easily calculate your age.


If instead of saying you saw such a movie on cable, you say something like «I saw it in parabolic», one of two, or you are one of the few who still have a round and giant antenna in the group’s homeland or your lexicon comes from other decades. For greater accuracy about your age, you can say «perubólica».

“Castalia, Kolcana, etc.”

Phrases like «we sat in the park to drink Kolcana» or “we would go to the soda fountain and ask for Castalia” they imply that you have no intention of hiding your age. Good for you, that’s how we should all be!

Our advice? Do not hide your age or take years off, the older you are the wiser you arethe more interesting you get. Wear your ID with pride! What do you think?