Anuel AA’s girlfriend hints at Karol G in her new song

Yailin la Más Viral is the girlfriend of Anuel AA and recently released a song in which he allegedly sends hints to Karol G.

The singer born in the Dominican Republic premiered the song called ‘You want me to call’ in the company of Feloman, Jon Z and Ele A El Dominio.

Those who heard it concluded that eThis was a hint from Anuel’s girlfriend to her partner’s ex Karol Gas an answer to your song ‘mommy’.

Listen to ‘quiera que llama’, the latest from Anuel AA’s girlfriend

I like how he pleases me, no matter the time, no matter the place, I just want him to come by. There are many people who are suffocated, I get angry with you, your ex-girlfriend has me located because I go out with you…

Chorus performed by Yailin in the song

Let’s remember that this has not been the only response to the recent success of Karol Gpreviously Anuel AA threw ‘If you look for me’a song heavily criticized for its content.

Do you think that Karol G should pay attention to these hints or should she get a new love so that the controversy ends? Leave your opinion in the comments.