Anthony Bourdain: 10 unforgettable lessons he left us

Now that chef Anthony Bourdain has decided to leave this earth, we remember him with his best teachings, of which there were many!

We met Anthony Bourdain thanks to his television program no reservations, which even has a chapter recorded in Colombia. as it was a chef something strange, cynical and ironic, he won the hearts of many viewers for his sincerity and self-confidence when calling things by their name

Unfortunately, Anthony Bourdain has decided not to cook in this kitchen called earth anymore, that’s why today, full of sadness and nostalgia, we want to remember him for his good things, among them many teachings that he left us through his phrases, many of them apparently out of place. see them on the gallery at the beginning of this note.

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Of all those phrases that Anthony Bourdain shared with us through his TV shows, interviews and books, which was the one that taught you the most? Write the answer to this question in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networksyour family and friends will like to remember this emblematic character.

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With information from: confessions of a chef, no reservations and various interviews with various media