ANIMAL Wildlife station

The TIERART wildlife station houses and cares for numerous native wild animals such as foxes, badgers, wild cats, rabbits, deer, raccoons, dormice and hedgehogs.
Since 2015, the wildlife sanctuary has been able to accommodate rescued big cats in a species-appropriate manner and also offers a number of other animal species that cannot be released into the wild and live in the sanctuary, a lifelong homeincluding a large herd of sheep and goats.

Since 2017, TIERART has been operating a lynx sanctuary in cooperation with the EU-LIFE-LUCHS project. Here injured or orphaned lynx from the reintroduction program are taken in, cared for and then released into the wild in Maßweiler/Rhineland-Palatinate. In recent years, further enclosures for wild cats, red foxes and raccoons have been planned and built.