Angie Cepeda is on the fourth floor, and she looks like this…

See how actress Angie Cepeda looks more than two decades after starring in the telenovela The Juanas.

Angie Cepeda had her moment of glory on Colombian television back in the 90s, when she participated in some of the soap operas with the highest ratings of those years, such as the curse of paradise, The Juanas Y Candle, his first leading role; Do you remember what she looked like back then?

After achieving fame in our country, Angie Cepeda lived in Peru for a while, at the time when she had a romantic relationship with the singer Diego Torres.

The new millennium brought Angie Cepeda more opportunities in the workplace. She has recently participated in television series such as 2091 (of science fiction), however, he has not left his great passion, the cinema; in fact, This year she was nominated for Best Actress at the Platinum Awards for the film The Seed of Silence.

See what Angie Cepeda looks like today 23 years after The Juanas

Gone is her thick curly blonde hair with which she fell in love with more than one.

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