Angie Cardona is the daughter of Marbelle that you did not know

The queen of the technolane has a well-kept secret that few know about. Did you know that Angie Cardona is Marbelle’s daughter?

All of Colombia saw the telenovela dedicated to the life of the singer and presenter Marbelle; We all know that she loves her daughter Rafaella Chávez, but what about her other daughter?

Angie Cardona is the daughter of Marbelle that few people have seen

We are referring to Angie, a cousin from Marbelle whom the singer adopted when she was a baby and whom she has raised as her own daughter; even Rafaella refers to her as her sister.

Marbelle’s other daughter, unlike the one you already know, has decided to stay away from the world of entertainment. Many people find a enormous physical resemblance between the three.

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