Angélica Blandón’s daughter grew up and they say they look like sisters

The eldest daughter of Angélica Blandón now she is already a lady and that is why in the networks they filled her mother with compliments, telling her that they look like sisters.

Some families have very strong genes, which make its members resemble each other too much, however, this is usually much more evident between siblings and between parents and children, much more so when the age difference between the latter is not so great. That is the case of celebrities like Cristina Hurtado, whose eldest son is identical to her.

But also that of many other celebrities whose daughters grew up and when they left childhood they increasingly resemble their parents; so much is he resemblance between some famous mothers and their daughters, who in social networks tell them that they look like sisters. That is the case of the actress Angélica Blandón.

That’s how big Angelica Blandón’s daughter is

Angélica Blandón became very famous for her character as Reina in the Colombian film Paradise Travel2007. Although many of us also remember her for her participation in Okey dokeyseries in which she played Pato, while still a teenage actress.

Well, this talented paisa is the mother of two daughters; The youngest was born in the middle of the pandemic and her name is Candela, but the eldest is already a lady and she looks so much like her mother that they said on social networks that they looked like sisters after Angélica published a couple of photographs of the two of them.

“With her, who finally allowed me to post a photo by her side.”

The actress wrote on her Instagam account along with the following photos…

The comments were immediate and in some of them several Internet users assured that they looked like sisters.

Brisa Ospina Blandon: age

As evidenced in the text that Angélica wrote to share the photo with her eldest daughter on her Instagram account, she, like almost any teenager, does not like to go out in photos with her mother; That is why many people did not know the teenager and wonder how old she is. According to our calculations, the girl, whose name is Brisa, is 14 years old. at the time of publication of this note (July 2021).

What do you think? Do you think that Brisa and Angelica do look like a sister instead of mother and daughter? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!