Angel wing tattoos: ideas that will look beautiful on your skin

The angel wings tattoos They are still a very good design option when you want to represent something special on your skin or you want to give an idea that you have in your head a different touch.

They don’t go out of style! These designs are super cute and can bring you the best feelings because apart from illustrating that you are a sweet and cute little angel (yes, you can laugh), they reveal important personality traits such as peace, tranquility and spiritual ascent.

If you are thinking about tattoo designs on the back of the neck or have already decided that angel wings are going to be present in your next tattoowe are going to share some ideas that may complement what you have in mind in a good way:

small angel wing tattoos

The nape is an area where tattoos look very delicate and have that touch of discretion that you may be looking for. That yes, you must take into account that this place of your body is for very simple designs:

Angel wings tattoos for women

In that perfect canvas that is the body, one part in particular does not receive much attention, but when it comes to showing off a tattoo it can be incredible: the ankles. There you can play a lot with the tonalities:

Angel wings back tattoo

You can make others think that you got wings for your good behavior (here you can also laugh). The back, due to its extension, allows to have a much more produced and detailed tattoo, like this one:

angel wings tattoo on arm

The arms are always very visible and are uncovered a good part of the time, so you need wings with a lot of personality there, but that draw attention for their delicacy, perfect lines and good taste:

Angel wings tattoos in color

A well thought out polychromy in your design will make an impact! Wings in watercolor blue or pink palettes are super suitable for this type of figure, so a medium or large size tattoo would be incredible:

Minimalist angel wings tattoos

Thin, curvy single ink strokes are super cute if you want to have a tattoo not so conspicuous. Minimalist figures look beautiful on the neck, collarbone or behind the ear:

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