Andy Rivera’s message would be a hint for Lina Tejeiro

Although this couple ended a long time ago many believe that everything they write on networks is indirect between themfor example a recent message from Andy Rivera on Twitter.

Followers of this former couple still dream of seeing them together againHowever, they themselves have hinted on different occasions that they will not be a couple again.

Recently the singer Andy Rivera posted on his Twitter account a message that many interpreted it as a hint for Lina and others say it is a message of repentance.

This was Andy Rivera’s message

Comments of all kinds were immediate on social networks after seeing Andy’s message.

Sounds like I should get over it by now

It must be that now that she looks all royal and divine, now she wants it with him 😁🤷🏽‍♀️

One always returns where he was happy ✌🏻

Waiting for a reunion!!

That is lack of having pants because when someone loves others they do everything possible to be there, no matter their past, no matter their present, nor the boyfriends they had, what is truly important is that that person makes you happy, that’s all

Comments from followers on social networks.

After several attempts to resume their relationship they definitely decided that it was best for each one to go their own way.

And with messages like this it is clear that Andy has not been able to overcome his relationship with the actressObviously Lina has also published these types of messages on her networks.

Some people believe that As long as they do not have a formal relationship with someone else, there will always be speculation about their possible return.

doWill we ever see them together again? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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